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A090029 Cleanroom String Mop Head

A090029 Cleanroom String···

Material: Microfiber(80% Polyester+20% Nylon); White with Blue stringsSize: Lengh: 800±20mm x Width: 160±10mmNumber: 1pcs/ bag, 12bags/ carton, 52cartons/ pallet
A090024 Mop Head

A090024 Mop Head

Material: Honeycomb clothSize: 290*400mmNumber: 1pcs/ bag, 50bags/ carton
A090038 Microfiber Mop Head

A090038 Microfiber Mop H···

Material: Microfiber clothSize: 400mm x 120mmNumber: 5pcs/ bag, 20bags/ carton
A090047 Cleanroom Microfiber Mop

A090047 Cleanroom Microf···

Material: Microfiber cloth cover + sponge padSize: Length 250 * width 20mmNumber: 1pcs/ bag, 50bags/ carton
A090088 Cleanroom Mop Cover

A090088 Cleanroom Mop Co···

Material: Double layer polyester clothSize: Length 380mm * width 115mmNumber: 20 pcs / pack
A090095 Flat Mop

A090095 Flat Mop

Material: Polyester cloth and foamSize: 210mm*435mmNumber: 1pcs/ bag