What is the Anti-static fabric?

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The fabric treated by anti static processing can be called antistatic fabric.

The anti - static processing methods of fabrics usually have:

(1) the fabric was finished by antistatic finishing agent.

(2) the fiber graft modification, the blending and interweaving of the hydrophilic fibers for the purpose of improving the moisture absorption of the fabric;

(3) blended or inlaid conductive fiber;

The action mechanism of the first two methods is to increase the moisture regain of the fabric, reduce the insulation and accelerate the leakage of the static electricity. Therefore, if it is in the dry environment or after repeated washing, the processing effect is not durable or not obvious, usually used in the fabric of ordinary clothing. Only third methods can solve the electrostatic problem of textiles in a lasting and efficient way, so it is now widely used in the production of anti-static clothing. The fabric was finished with antistatic finishing agent.

Antistatic fabrics can be woven fabrics, such as conductive silk, anti-static T/C fabrics, or knitted fabrics, such as antistatic knitted gloves, electric knitted underwear, etc. In addition to meeting the general technical standard of textiles, antistatic fabrics must also have good antistatic performance to meet the needs of production and safety. The technical requirements can be referred to GB12059-89 "the properties of synthetic fiber antistatic silk for electronic industry".

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