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Cleanse mop called dust mop, clean mop, twist mop water, mop head using superfine fiber cloth, dropping from casual or not! High strength stainless steel mop mop head length 1.4m, the length and width dimensions of 35CM*15CM after treatment with clean mop head, mop and vacuum packing. Take a 360 degree rotation design flexible. The use of light and efficient; annular mop head covering; washing, decontamination strength; the operation is simple, semi open back, easy to replace, durable.

Cleanse mop made of imported superfine fiber raw materials, strong decontamination rate! The key is the raw material used in superfine fiber, so as not to hurt the surface, and the product is beautiful! The most suitable for dry cleaning, because the special structure of the product process, so the dust and dust accumulation volume than the average product is 4-5 times higher than the two pollution equivalent of less than 4-5! As the general products!

The purified mop has good water absorbency and strong detergency. It is easy to wash, fast dry and durable. The weight is light and easy to operate, the bolt wheel can firmly clamp the mop head, and it is convenient to install or remove the mop head to replace from the handle without changing the drag handle. Product advantages: super absorbent, super decontamination, easy cleaning, no hair loss, no bacteria, no damage to the surface and so on. It also changes the shortcomings of the original weave style of microfiber. The concave and convex shape of the towel is the same as the surrounding fabric. It is both beautiful and practical.