What is the sole cleaning machine?

Time:2022-01-05   Visits:1700

Sole cleaning machine is a kind of all kinds of uneven soles are wiped clean, let a guest visits private slippers no longer public, avoid cross infection of beriberi, experiment and door Huanxie compared to save more than 99%, but also to avoid the two public pollution, clean energy saving and environmental protection products.

With the improvement of living conditions, decoration is hot in the society. Luxurious decoration brings people warmth, tranquility, comfort, and also brings new troubles, that is the pollution of sole to the ground. In order to keep the ground clean, people have to take two kinds of ways, that is, the guests need to change their slippers. When guests walk, they need to mop the floor. As time goes by, they not only increase labor intensity, but also make private slippers become public slippers, which provides convenience for the spread of beriberi. This product will help you lift the mop to clean the floor of the troubles and odor of shoes embarrassment, and to avoid the spread of foot.

It applies not only to the family, but also to the office, the laboratory, the laboratory, the microcomputer room, the TV station, the hotel, the movie building, etc. In addition, the product also has the function of sterilizing the sole, which is suitable for special places such as hospitals, food factories, pharmaceutical factories and breeding plants. This product is reasonable in design, beautiful in shape, advanced in technology and convenient in use, which will bring clean and convenient to thousands of families.


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