Production Strength
Knitting workshop
SUOREC owns several manufacturing factories, which are located in China and southeast Asia.
With more than 40 circular knitting machines, several washing and fiber cleaning machines and a setting machine in 48meters.
Daily output for fabric in Heyuan factory can reach 5tons.
Knitting machine
Laser cutting and ultrasonic sealing workshop
Tradittional laser cutting machine,Self-developed automatic laser cutting machine,Automatic ultrasonic sealing machine
With more than 8000bags daily output for cleanroom wipes
Cleanroom swabs workshop
We can produce cleanroom swabs customized for various environmental requirements.
Daily output for swabs can be more than 50 million pieces.
Presatured wipes workshop
We have a number of automatic filling production workshops, which can produce all kinds of presatured wipes in bags and barrels. Daily output for barreled wipes can reaches 10,000 barrels.Daily output for bagged wipes can reach tens of thousands bags.
Face mask and Melt blown material workshop
We have internationally advanced melt-blown cloth production workshop and a number of mask production lines, which can produce customized industrial masks, medical masks and daily protective masks.
Dailly output for mask can reach to 5 million pieces.